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Isolation Transformer

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  • Pureformer
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JK Audio Pureformer   The Pureformer from JK Audio is a stereo... mehr

JK Audio Pureformer


The Pureformer from JK Audio is a stereo audio interface that employs transformers to provide hum and noise reduction for any two pieces of line level audio equipment. The unit removes ground loops and DC paths that can cause severe signal degradation.


The Pureformer functions by isolating the electrical grounds of both pieces of equipment, allowing only the audio signal to pass between them. This is especially crucial when one of the pieces of equipment is a computer sound card, where the electrical noise from the computer can get into the rest of the audio system.

The unit is also useful in the event that two pieces of equipment are DC coupled. If both input and output are DC coupled, the signal can easily distort, break-up, or simply disappear. The Pureformer safely isolates any combination of AC and DC coupled inputs and outputs.

Compact interface for removing hum and noise between any two pieces of audio equipment
Especially useful when hooking up on-board computer sound cards with other audio equipment
Pureformer can also help when input/output incompatibilities exist
Utilizes high-quality, low-distortion, 600-Ohm audio transformers
Durable die-cast aluminum construction
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