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AJA Corvid-22

AJA Corvid-22

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4-lane PCIe card with 2-in/2-out SD/HD/3G SDI, 2x LTC, Genlock, 2x RS-422, 2x Mixer/Keyer... mehr

4-lane PCIe card with 2-in/2-out SD/HD/3G SDI, 2x LTC, Genlock, 2x RS-422, 2x Mixer/Keyer

Corvid 22 is AJA's answer for independent 2-channel capture or playback of digital uncompressed audio and video I/O with separate LTC, metadata and RS-422 for each channel. Corvid 22 is compatible with Windows and Linux via our robust and proven SDK environments. Corvid 22 is built to the highest specifications offering true broadcast-level performance within your systems and applications. Each Corvid 22 board comes with a 5-pack of 1.0/2.3-to-BNC pigtail adapters. An optional breakout cable supports the LTC and RS-422 I/O.

Major Features

• PCI Express 4 lane
• 2 Channels 3G, HD-SDI or SD-SDI Input, 2 Channels 3G, HD-SDI or SD-SDI Output
• All SD/HD/2Kx1080 Video Formats
• 3G Input/Output for 1080p50/60 and Video/Key (dual-link not supported)
• 8/10 Bit YCbCr and RGB frame buffer formats
• 2 Mixer/Keyer widgets. This allows output of two simultaneous video/key pairs over 3G.It also allows for up to two simultaneous downstream keyers.
• 2 Independent 16-ch 48khz SDI Embedded Audio I/O engines
• Analog Color Black or HD Tri-Level Sync
• 3-year warranty

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