TSL - SPS422B Analoges Surround Mikrofon System ideal für Live Broadcast. Lieferumfang:... mehr


Analoges Surround Mikrofon System ideal für Live Broadcast.
Lieferumfang: SPS422B Mikrofon, SPS422B 19\" 1HE Kontrolleinheit, Mikrofoncase aus Leder, Stativhalter, 20m Mikrofonkabel zum Anschluss an die Kontrolleinheit, Netzkabel.

  • GAIN switch -30dB to 0dB of microphone gain in 10dB steps.
  • FINE GAIN -10dB to +10dB adjustment of the GAIN switch setting.
  • END switches the SoundField SPS422B microphone for Endfire use.
  • INVERT reverses left/right in order to maintain the correct stereo perspective when the microphone is in an inverted position.
  • LED bargraph display gives higher visibility viewing of left/right outputs or mid/side information when M/S switch is engaged.
  • High Pass Filter at 80Hz to remove any unwanted low-frequency rumble when recording vocals or acoustic instruments.
  • M/S switches the processor’s outputs into M and S mode (Left = Middle, Right = Side).
  • Polar Pattern continuously variable polar pattern adjustment from omni- through all cardioids to figure-of-eight.
  • Width allows you to spread the signal across the stereo image.
  • Headphones controls the signal level to the stereo headphone output socket.


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