Leader - LV 7800 The LV 7800 is a new-concept multi rasterizer that enables you to freely... mehr

Leader - LV 7800

The LV 7800 is a new-concept multi rasterizer that enables you to freely combine all the LV 5800 series input and output units to provide flexible support for a variety of situations.


Slots for Four Units
The LV 7800 is equipped with two input slots and two input/output slots, which means you can install a maximum of four units.
Each input and output unit operates independently.

External Sync Signal Input
The LV 7800 can receive tri-level sync signals and NTSC or PAL black burst signals. You can display video signal waveforms in phase with an external sync signal.

DVI-I Connector
You can view the various LV 7800 displays on an external XGA (1024 x 768) display by connecting the display to the DVI-I connector.
Additionally, the vector, picture, and audio displays support displays with aspect ratios of 16:9 / 16:10 (in squeeze mode).

Preset Settings
The LV 7800 can store up to 60 frequently used setting configurations. You can also directly recall preset settings that have been assigned to the shortcut button.

Key Lock
The key lock feature is useful in preventing mistaken changes to the settings and in preventing accidental operations on the LV 7800.

USB Port
By connecting a USB memory device to the front panel USB port, you can take screen captures, record data, and save preset settings.

Ethernet Port
By running TELNET or FTP on a PC that is connected to the LV 7800 through the rear panel Ethernet port, you can control the LV 7800 remotely, monitor errors, and transfer files. (SNMP is also supported.)

Parallel Remote Connector
You can load preset settings, detect errors, switch inputs, and apply analog audio signals* through the rear panel remote connector.

*To measure analog audio signals, an LV 58SER40A (DIGITAL AUDIO) unit is necessary.

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