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Leader - Lv 7380

The LV 7380 is a 1U, full rack rasterizer that displays video signal waveforms, vectors, and pictures of HD-SDI and SDSDI signals on an external LCD monitor. The LV 7380 also has a variety of other features. It has audio signal display features that include the Lissajous and level meter displays of embedded audio. It can display two SDI signals at the same time. It can save screen captures to USB memory. It can also display gamut errors over the picture. SDI signals that are received through channel A and B can be reclocked and transmitted from the OUTPUT A/B and OUTPUT B connectors with a press of one of the INPUT keys. With a factory option, it can also display eye patterns of SDI signals. All these features are packed in a small unit that is only 250 mm deep.


Two Serial Digital Inputs and Outputs
The LV 7380 is equipped with two SDI inputs. This enables the LV 7380 to receive two different SDI signals and to receive a single signal in dual link mode. The LV 7380 can also generate a serial reclocked SDI signal for each SDI signal that it receives.
SDI signals that are received through channel A and B can be reclocked and transmitted from the OUTPUT A/B and OUTPUT B connectors with a press of one of the INPUT keys.

DVI-I Output
The screen image is displayed in XGA resolution (the effective resolution is 1024×768). The supported DVI-I output signals are single-link TMDS and analog RGB.

Multi-Screen Display and 2-Channel Simultaneous Display
The LV 7380 has a multi-screen display that can display a video signal waveform and a picture at the same time and a multi-screen display that can display vectors and an audio level meter in addition to the waveform and picture. It also has a multi-screen display that can display two SDI signals simultaneously. Different measurement modes can be assigned to the four different areas of the multi-screen display. (This feature is not available for the 2-channel simultaneous display.)

CINELITE II (CINELITE feature and Leader's patented CINEZONE feature)*1
The LV 7380 comes standard-equipped with CINELITE II (CINELITE and CINEZONE), which is a video signal luminance information analysis tool.

Picture Display
The LV 7380 uses fully digital waveform display processing to achieve high precision and versatility. The display has a number of adjustment features such as brightness adjustment, contrast adjustment, gain adjustment, bias adjustment, and aperture adjustment. It also has monochrome, chroma up, gamut error, and safety marker display features. The LV 7380 is also standard-equipped with CINELITE II, a convenient tool for adjusting the lighting during fi lming.

Waveform Display
The video signal waveform display has gain, sweep, and cursor measurement features, along with RGB and pseudocomposite display features. In addition to video signal waveforms, the LV 7380 can also display vectors and display the Lissajous curves of embedded audio.

5 Bar Display
The 5 bar display enables the simultaneous monitoring of component and composite gamut.

Status Display
The status display can display the SDI signal's error count and error log, a data dump, and the phase difference between an external sync signal (a tri-level sync signal or an NTSC or PAL black burst signal) and the SDI signal.

Time Code Display
LTC or VITC time codes can be displayed.

Screen Capture
The display can be captured and stored as image data. Not only can captured data be displayed by the LV 7380, but it can also be compared with an input signal or saved to USB memory as bitmap data. The saved bitmap data can then be viewed on a PC.

Error Detection
SDI signal errors, such as HD-SDI signal CRC errors and SD-SDI signal EDH errors, and various errors related to embedded audio signals and ancillary data can be detected.

ANC Data Analysis
Various ancillary data can be analyzed, and the results can be displayed.

ID Display
IDs can be assigned to input channels. IDs are entered from the LV 7380 panel.

Equivalent Cable Length Measurement Feature
The LV 7380 converts the SDI signal attenuation to a cable length and displays the result.

Closed Caption Data Display
The LV 7380 can display the closed caption data embedded in an SDI signal over the picture display. It can analyze and display status and control information.
1) CEA/EIA-608-B closed caption data in CDP packets that are defi ned by EIA-708-B
2) CEA/EIA-608-B closed caption data
3) VBI (CEA/EIA-608-B line 21) closed caption data

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