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Leader - LV 5380

The LV 5380 is a multi-SDI monitor equipped with a precision video signal waveform and vectorscope display via a high-fidelity TFT LCD that produces high-quality picture displays.It also offers an embedded audio signal display featuring Lissajous and level-meter configurations. Additional features include simultaneous display of two SDI signals, screen capture to USB memory, and on-picture gamut error monitoring. All these features are integrated into a thin, light instrument that allows it to be used in any video production or monitoring application.


Two Serial Digital Inputs and Output
The LV 5380 is equipped with two SDI inputs. You can use these inputs to receive two separate SDI signals or to receive a single dual link SDI signal.
The LV 5380 is also equipped with a connector for transmitting a reclocked channel A or B signal. When you choose to receive an SDI signal through channel A or B by pressing the INPUT key, the output connector transmits the selected signal.

High-Quality TFT LCD
Employs an XGA TFT LCD (1,024x768) that produces high-quality picture displays.

Extensive Video Signal Displays
The waveform monitor display has gain adjustment, sweep, and cursor measurement features along with RGB and pseudo-composite information. The LV 5380 also provides vectorscope and embedded audio, Lissajous and Level meter displays.

Multi-Functional Picture Display
The picture display has various adjustment features such as color temperature selection, brightness, contrast, gain, and bias. Other features include monochrome, chroma up, on, image gamut error, and safety marker displays.

Multi-Screen Display and 2-Channel Simultaneous Display
1) You can switch to multi-screen which simultaneously shows video signal waveforms and pictures.
2) You can switch to multi-screen which simultaneously shows video signal waveforms, picture, vectorscope, and audio levels.
3) You can display two SDI signals simultaneously.

Dual Link Input

Aperture Adjustment
You can enhance the outlines in a picture to assist in the focusing of the camera. You can choose from 100 different aperture levels.

Screen Capture
You can capture the display and store it as image data. You can view the captured data on the LV 5380 or store it in USB memory as a bitmap file that you can view on your PC.

Status Display
The LV 5380 can display SDI signal's data dump and error logs as well as the phase difference between the external sync signal and SDI signal.

Time Code Display
You can display LTC or VITC time codes.

ID Display
You can assign IDs to input channels. IDs are entered from the LV 5380 panel.

Display Mode Switch Keys
For quick operation, the LV 5380 provides dedicated keys for switching between different display modes such as video waveform, vectorscope, and picture displays. In addition, all keys can be back-lit.

Stereo Headphone Output
Delivers SDI signal's embedded audio signals in stereo through the headphone output jacks.

External Sync Signal Input
Accepts tri-level sync signals or NTSC/PAL black burst signals.

Stores up to 30 front panel presets.

Last Memory
Equipped with a feature that stores panel settings to memory.

75-mm VESA Mounting
Provides 75-mm VESA mounting holes on the rear panel that allows the LV 5380 to be mounted on an arm or stand. Tripod mounting facilities also provided.


CINELITE On-Picture Measurements, CINEZONE false color displays and peaking function facilitate quick camera focus and exposure setups.

External Remote Connector (Factory Option)
An external remote connector can be installed as a factory option. In addition, one of the connectors can be modified so that a tally indicator can be displayed on the screen.

Battery Mount (Factory Option)*2
A battery adapter can be installed on the rear panel as a factory option.

*1: CINELITE is a registered trademark of LEADER ELECTRONICS CORP. in the United States and/or the countries.
*2: If you install the battery mount, you cannot use the 75-mm VESA mounting holes.

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